Bogus accusations about travel overseas and activities in these countries

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Bogus accusations about travel overseas and activities in these countries

As for the bogus accusation against Daniel Patrick Boyd of traveling overseas to engage in “violent Jihad” and murder, etc, etc, when is sightseeing the Holy Land [Palestine/Israel] a crime?  When is visiting family family (like one going to see pregnant wife) and friends  in countries of origin like Jordan, Bosnia and Pakistan, a crime?  The onus of burden in on the prosecution to prove, without doubt, that their purpose was truly to engage in these so called terrorist activities. Otherwise to go on travels over and over again, and then fail to do these alleged ominous activities over and over again.  Well, come on, Daniel Boyd, as all who know him will testify, is not the kind of man to fail over and over again if he really intended something ominous.  Those who know him witness that he is a simple, honest, hard working, family man of superb moral character.  The simple truth and the plain fact is that he had no such criminal acts planned.  Therefore, as his brother said, this is all a bunch of “poppycock.”

If American citizens allow these bogus accusations to become bogus indictments and then bogus convictions and unjust punishment, the crime will be against truth and justice, with the natural God ordained repercussions.

The day will come when the citizens cannot help but ponder another point about traveling overseas: the situation concerning some dual nationals, and patriots, and their activities, in light of accusations, indictments, prosecution, and convictions. Where will it all lead?

Ideas to open up the thread for discussion and conversation.

Truth and justice will prevail.

The truthful, just and righteous shall inherit the earth.






() Quick question:

Have you ever heard of a US-Israeli dual citizen, or a US traveler to Israel for “summer camps” with the settlers and/or “sightseeing” in Israel being charged with “terrorism” or “traveling overseas with intent to murder etc”,  participating in “terrorist training camps” etc, ???


scroll down to pertinent section, Be patient,seek,  ask, read, reflect, repeat,


Below: Badakshan Province, Afghanistan,


Below: Al-Haram Al-Qudsi:  Masjid al-Aqsa and Masjid as-Sakhrah in the Sacred City of Jerusalem



2 Responses to Bogus accusations about travel overseas and activities in these countries

  1. Danilo Stolebarger says:

    I do not typically comment on blogs such as this but in this instance and in keeping with the comments above I would take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed your post. Really informative and well written – thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This blog is very good and informative.

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