In light of recent events … and Armageddon, al-Malaahim

In light of recent events …

coming Isha-Allah (God willing)


<> ()<> but take a peak <>

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For a good place to start, see this influential  author and TV host ON CBN,  TBN,  etc, spreading hatred and fear about Muslims:

Hal Lindsey (b. 1929) The Father of Apocalyptic Christian Zionism


Some Books on Armageddon, rapture, evangelicalism, Islamaphobia and hate mongering about Muslim , etc



Planet Earth: The Final Chapter, By Hal Lindsey
The Countdown to Armageddon
By Hal Lindsey
Book overview
Argues that current events fit the pattern of Biblical prophesy concerning the end of the world and the second coming of Christ

American Christians and Islam: evangelical culture and Muslims from the … By Thomas S. Kidd

Evangelicals and Israel: The Story of American Christian Zionism  By Stephen Spector

Prophecy and the fundamentalist quest: an integrative study of Christian and … By Farzana Hassan

Imagining the end: visions of apocalypse from the ancient Middle East … By Abbas Amanat, Magnus Thorkell Bernhardsson
The End of the World As We Know It: Faith, Fatalism, and Apocalypse in America By Daniel Wójcik

Global Christianity: contested claims By Frans Jozef Servaas Wijsen, Robert J. Schreiter

Allies for Armageddon: the rise of Christian Zionism By Victoria Clark

For Zion’s sake: the Judeo-Christian tradition in American culture By Fuad Shaban
Book overview
This book explores the role of religion, especially religious extremism, in American culture. In particular, it examines the development of the Judeo-Christian tradition, its impact on America’s self-image, and the way it has influenced America’s attitude to the Arab World. The Christian Right has become a very powerful force in American politics. Its basic belief in Christian Zionism has resulted in a steadfast commitment to the establishment of the state of Israel and to its aggressive expansion, and has made Zionism a central part of government policy, for both Republicans and Democrats. Fuad Sha’ban shows how this is not a new phenomenon: what he terms the ‘Vision of Zion’ in American life has its roots in literature, the arts and internal politics from colonial times until today. Looking in detail at a wealth of resources, including religious and literary texts, as well as official political statements, he pieces together a subtle account of how America’s Puritan roots have fostered a specifically religious political culture that encourages hatred and suspicion of the Muslim World in domestic and foreign policy.

Millennium, messiahs, and mayhem: contemporary apocalyptic movements By Thomas Robbins, Susan J. Palmer

Arguing the Apocalypse: A Theory of Millennial Rhetoric  By Stephen D. O’Leary

The end of days: fundamentalism and the struggle for the Temple Mount By Gershom Gorenberg

Fundamentalism in America: millennialism, identity and militant religion By Philip H. Melling

Armageddon now: the end of the world A to Z By Jim Willis, Barbara Willis

Awaiting the millennium: a history of end-time thinking By Richard Kyle

Israel: The 51st State: …the Unspoken Foreign Policy of the United States … By Morris Glen Bowers
Book overview
One thing that people are slow to learna thing that they must learn to correctly understand the Bibleis that the whole Jewish religion ended at the cross of Christ, and a new order became effective. The total misunderstanding of Matthew chapter 24 is at the root of most of this confusion. If the Messiah didnt come during the time of the Roman occupation of the land of promise then HE will never come. It will never happen. What the Palestinians feared would happen has clearly happened. The killing and confusion in the Middle East is to be laid at the feet of the United Nations, England, France and the United States. The false doctrine of premillennialism and those that teach this subject must take full responsibility for adding fuel to the fire of hatred among the State of Israel and Palestinians. The current day denominational preachers that are guilty of teaching this evil doctrine are: Billy Graham, Garner Ted Armstrong, Franklin Graham, Jack Van Impe, Pat Robertson, John Hagee, Jerry Falwell, Benny Hinn, David Cerullo, Pat Robison, Lou Shelton, the Trinity Broadcasting Network and the thousands of less known denominational preachers in your own home towns across America. The Bible contains the mind of God, the state of man, the way of salvation, the doom of sinners and the happiness of believers. Its histories are true, its doctrines are holy, its precepts are binding, and its decisions are immutable. Read it to be wise, believe it to be safe, and practice it to be holy.

Limited preview – 2005 – 512 pages – Political Science

The Flow of Endtime Events: Bible Prophecy from a Prewrath Perspective  By Richard W. Suchy
Book overview
A personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the leading of the Holy Spirit are required as first steps in understanding the Bible. God then requires that believers diligently study His Word with open hearts and minds as they seek His truth. This book is intended as a study aid in understanding Bible prophecy. Questions addressed include:
Freedom Club report: equipping Christians to reshape America, Volumes 14-18 By Point of View Freedom Club, International Christian Media, National Center for Freedom and Ren

With god on our side: politics & theology of the war on terrorism By Aftab Ahmad Malik, John L. Esposito, Khaled Abou El Fadl
Book overview
Drawing upon the expertise of the foremost Christian and Muslim scholars and political analysts, this book discusses the theological and political aspects of the war on terrorism from both Muslim and Christian perspectives and critiques the neoconservative movement and its alliance with the evangelical Christian Right. This new edition examines the political consequences of this renewed evangelism in relation to Israel, the current manifestations of Muslim extremism, and its impact on peace in the Middle East. The treatise contains six essays from the previous edition, and is brought up to date with 17 new essays, and a new foreword and introduction.

Snippet view – Edition: 2 – 2005 – 348 pages – History

Israel and Its Future: Analysis and Suggestions  By Michael Anbar

Jesus, prophecy, and the Middle East By Anis Shorrosh

2012 and the End of Institutional Evil: The Last Days of Satan, Antichrist … By Herbert R. Stollorz, Christopher Patton

Future Israel: Why Christian Anti-Judaism Must Be Challenged By Barry E. Horner
Book overview
Future Israel: Why Christian Anti-Judaism Must Be Challenged is volume three in the NEW AMERICAN COMMENTARY STUDIES IN BIBLE & THEOLOGY (NACSBT) series for pastors, advanced Bible students, and other deeply committed laypersons.
Author Barry E. Horner writes to persuade readers concerning the divine validity of the Jew today (based on Romans 11:28), as well as the nation of Israel and the land of Palestine, in the midst of this much debated issue within Christendom at various levels. He examines the Bible’s consistent pro-Judaic direction, namely a Judeo-centric eschatology that is a unifying feature throughout Scripture.
Not sensationalist like many other writings on this constantly debated topic, Future Israel is instead notably exegetical and theological in its argumentation. Users will find this an excellent extension of the long-respected NEW AMERICAN COMMENTARY.

The Promise of His Coming: Interpreting New Testament Statements Concerning …  By R. C. Leonard

Countdown to Apocalypse: A Scientific Exploration of the End of the World By Paul Halpern
Book overview
Inspired by the end of the millennium, celebrated science writer Paul Halpern tackles the fate of human civilization and our planet in this meditation on the end of the world. Beginning with the religious origins of the idea of apocalypse, Halpern shows how science has borrowed the metaphor to describe potential worldwide catastrophes. He spins out various scenarios for destruction, from nuclear war and global warming to a great flood and a new Ice Age. He argues that while human history will someday come to a close-even if we survived for billions of years, we would eventually face the end of the universe itself-in the meantime we have gained extraordinary control over our fate as a species. Faced with the power to steer our planet toward paradise or transform it into hell, he says, we must take steps to avoid those catalysts of apocalypse that are within our control.
Strong religion: the rise of fundamentalisms around the world By Gabriel Abraham Almond, R. Scott Appleby, Emmanuel Sivan
The cross and the crescent: the rise of American evangelicalism and the …
By Muhammad Arif Zakaullah
Holy war: the rise of militant Christian, Jewish, and Islamic fundamentalism By David S. New
Forcing God’s Hand: Why Millions Pray for a Quick Rapture … and Destruction of Planet Earth (Paperback) by Grace Halsell

PROPHECY AND POLITICS: MILITANT EVANGELlSTS ON THE ROAD TO NUCLEAR WAR by Grace Halsell. Lawrence Hill & Company, 1986, 210 pages,  ISBN 0-88208-210-8.





The word “Malaahim”  indicates ….

The word Fitan” indicates ……





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