WWIII – interesting quotes for further study

{on going investigations,  but take a peek}

Many years ago I documented [in my doctoral dissertation, unpublished, incomplete -like so much),  that certain astounding claims were made about WW I> WW II> WW III  in the 19th century,  in other words, how the three world wars of the 20th century were to be  executed according to a grand strategic plan.

Of course we know that God Almighty has a grand strategic plan to counter any plans of those elites and criminals who seek to control and exploit humanity through greed, fear, violence, debauchery, desires,  and so on and on, and of course the unscrupulous  corporate manipulations  of that behemoth called the   Industrial/Military/Media/Academia complex.

Many years ago I also documented the eschatological yearning of those associated with the great religions and cultures of the world, in all their various sects, some of which revolve around a great conflagration and epic battles culminating in the end of the world as we know it……


coming in time,,,, God willing ,,, inshallah




<> to be continued by the will of God Almighty [insha-Allah]

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